Germantown Elementary’s Entrance Gets Makeover

Walking up to Germantown Elementary is a little brighter now, thanks to the teamwork of students, staff and community members. 

The group met over the weekend to paint murals on the walls of the building’s main entrance.  It’s a warm welcome for those who visit the school and a reminder of the talented students inside. 

The project was created by GES Art Teacher Kelly Hatton, who recruited the talents of Memphis artist Carl E. Moore.  

Moore asked students what they would like to see in the murals, also collecting pieces of art from them.  He incorporated those pieces into two large, beautiful murals that were traced onto the walls for those attending “paint day” to fill in with vibrant colors.  While both murals are still work-in-progress, the change is visibly noticeable as you approach the building’s front door.  

Students also painted stepping stones for the school’s learning garden and decorated 901 rocks to drop around the city. 

You may view the artwork students submitted for the murals by clicking the link below. 

Germantown Elementary Student Art

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